2 Apps – Parental Controls and Safe Browser explained

Boomerang Parental Controls and SPIN Safe Browser

There are not many apps that offer a rich and powerful offering for parents trying to keep tabs on their child’s technology use, Boomerang Parental Control and SPIN Safe Browser can and do. This post explains the differences in the 2 apps we have created to help parents “parent” their family’s mobile technology usage.

Boomerang Parental Control

Boomerang is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The feature sets for each is a bit different based on what we can do on each platform. I’ll go over the highlights here.


Boomerang lets parents apply individual app restrictions, track location, enforce safe browsing, limit screen time and get daily emailed summary reports. Boomerang also allows parents to log calls and texts, as well as get notified when an unknown number calls or an inappropriate word is used in a message for Android smartphones. Parents can also time-out or extend time on their child’s device – great to get your child’s attention or reward them!

Apple iOS

On iOS devices, parents can set age restrictions for apps, games and content as well as track their location.

Parents can manage the selected devices from an iPhone, iPad or Android-based device regardless of whether their child’s device uses iOS or Android software.

SPIN Safe Browser

SPIN is a free, safe web browser that enforces safe Google searches and also blocks millions of inappropriate sites that include such categories as pornography, violence, social media, gambling and more. SPIN is a full featured browser, based on Mozilla’s Firefox so even adults who want a safe browsing experience are free to use it! The advantage of using SPIN and Boomerang together is that the web history gets collected, you can customize the categories of content we block and even block specific sites you may not want your kids to view.

SPIN is available for Android and Apple iOS devices and has the same features.

Web Dashboard

Parents can also manage their family devices via our web dashboard. Our web-based management portal allows parents to customize additional settings after the initial setup steps done in our app, review application usage, review text and call logs plus review current and previous locations.

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