Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet; SPIN reaches 15,000 Downloads!

SPIN Safe Browser reaches 15K downloads

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet; SPIN reaches 15,000 Downloads!

Vancouver, BC , July 19th, 2016 — National Education Technologies Inc. (NETi) has launched the world’s best browser for kids – SPIN Safe Browser! SPIN is a free cloud-based Safe Browser designed with children in mind. SPIN enforces Google’s SafeSearch for your child’s searches, resulting in clean search results, including images! SPIN filters over 20 categories such as pornography, violence, nudity, weapons, and hate.

Part of our responsibility as parents is to provide a safe surfing environment for our children, so we thought SPIN would be a big part of our value proposition that we can offer absolutely free to other parents.

–Vik Khanna, CEO of NETi.

NETi is committed to updating the content categories that filter inappropriate content across millions of sites. Parents and schools are able to provide a safe environment for kids to experience the internet on mobile devices using the SPIN Safe Browser.

We take feedback from our parent community, listen to them and even block sites that are normally good but have open searches for pornography like Twitter, Tumblr and Imgur. 

–Justin Payeur, COO of NETi.

SPIN has been well received by its users so far with over 200 reviews averaging 4.45 our 5 stars on the Play Store

Excellent app! It is by far the best safe web filter out there. I have tried many similar apps, but this one doesn’t crash, and there’s no explicit content; just a fantastic app!

–Rochelle Smith, SPIN user

Available now, parents can download SPIN Safe Browser from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. SPIN Safe Browser is free and is great for anyone looking for a browser that provides a great browsing experience without racy or inappropriate results.

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