Boomerang for iOS update – parent app controls for iOS devices!

Boomerang update for iOS v259

Our latest version is highly influenced by our user feedback in the areas of installation experience, restriction control, safe browsing and location management of your child’s iOS device(s). It’s available now on the App Store!

Parents can control their child’s iOS devices!
  • Edit allowed content ratings like Apps, Movies and TV Shows anytime from your phone.
  • Change access to App Store, iTunes Store and in-app purchases.
  • Block Safari and make sure your child uses SPIN Safe Browser (available from the App Store too or as a shortcut within Boomerang on your child’s device)
  • Block the Camera and FaceTime features
  • Automatically get your child’s location – anytime from our app installed in Parent Mode!
    • You can also request a manual check-in once they get to a friend’s house or school

Boomerang for iOS Child Settings


Mixed family with Android devices?

Our iOS version when used in Parent Mode (select MANAGE FAMILY DEVICES) can now easily get location, Time-Out your child’s device to get their attention, Extend Time to give them more time as a reward plus make their child’s Android device ring!

Notes and Tips on the use of Boomerang on your child’s iOS device

  1. Setting age restrictions will hide apps from your child’s device and when those restrictions are removed, apps will not go back to their original locations (ie: custom folders). This is normal behavior.
  2. Your child can remove the Device Profile that we install – there is currently no way to secure this but we do provide a notification to parents if it’s removed. The Device Profile allows for mobile device management which sets the restrictions on your child’s device.

Boomerang Device Profile prompt screen


We continue to improve our app experience and would love to hear about your experience as it could very well make it in the next version or spark a great idea we have yet to think about! Email us or reach out via social media badges in the footer of our site!


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