What makes Boomerang different than other parental control apps?

Boomerang vs other parental control apps

There are many different apps that do very similar things in this noisy market of mobile parental control apps. These have existed since the days of Windows 95. Today, however, we live in a mostly a mobile world where Android and iOS rule the jungle when it comes to time spent staring at screens. Below are a list of reasons why Boomerang sticks out in this crowded parental control space.

How does Boomerang stick out of this crowd?

  1.  We are a full-time team of caring dads who are living and breathing this every day
  2. Parents rate our app highly (kids not so much as you can see on our app store reviews, but we are working on ideas for kids coming in 2017!)
  3. We provide a truly mobile cross-platform experience: Android and iOS apps allow both control and management of mixed-mobile-device-families
  4. You can manage devices via your desktop: Powerful web dashboard for parents who like to customize settings further.
  5. Works on any type of network connection – Wi-Fi and cellular (3G, LTE. 4G, etc)
  6. Our support team answers every email within 24 hours – sometimes within minutes!
  7. A feature list too long to show here, but we created a detailed comparison chart for your convenience
  8. No jailbreaking required to use Boomerang
  9. Includes SPIN, the world’s safest web browser, for free!

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