Keeping Users Safe on the Internet; SPIN reaches 100,000 Downloads!


Vancouver, BC , April 19th, 2017 — National Education Technologies Inc. (NETi) launched SPIN Safe Browser just under a year ago. Originally designed for kids, it soon became apparent that adults were using it as well. SPIN is a free, cloud-based, ‘Safe Browser’ designed for anyone looking for a browser that blocks pornography and other forms of inappropriate content. SPIN enforces safe searches via, and, resulting in clean search results, including images! SPIN filters and blocks millions of websites under categories such as pornography, violence, nudity, weapons, and hate.

“We are ecstatic with the user growth that SPIN Safe Browser has attained in such a short time. It validates the work and effort that we have put into making the internet experience for everyone, a healthy one.” said Vik Khanna, CEO of NETi.

NETi continues its commitment to updating the content categories that filter inappropriate content across millions of sites. SPIN is seeing adoption from kids, schools, adult users and even companies! All are benefitting from a safe browsing experience with our filtering technology.

SPIN has received over 1000 user reviews, with the vast majority being five stars; it is now the highest rated safe browser in the Google Play Store. User Aaron rated the app 5 stars with this comment:

Love it! This browser is a great tool for safe web browsing. [I] love the features it has and knowing that it’s working hard to protect [me] from bad stuff on the internet. Thanks to the developers for making such a great, safe browser!”

Available now, parents can download SPIN Safe Browser from the Google Play Store and from Apple’s App Store. SPIN Safe Browser is free and is great for anyone looking for a browser that provides a great browsing experience without racy or inappropriate search results.

Download PDF version of this Press Release here. 

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