Boomerang Parental Control adds bedtime schedules for iOS devices


Adds bedtime schedules, Time-Out and Grant Access features plus improved in-app reporting for iOS devices

Our latest version for Apple iOS devices introduces a highly requested feature: bedtime schedules! This new feature allows parents to configure bedtime schedules for their kids’ iOS devices, as well as instantly time-out or grant time to their child’s devices via their device in our unique Parent Mode. With this update, parents also get to view all of their family’s Android or iOS device activities via our built-in reports feature.

Parent Mode iOS

This has been a sought-after feature of our users. It was especially frustrating for parents that switched their child’s device from an Android device to an iOS device and wondered where the Screen Time feature went! — Justin Payeur, Product Evangelist and COO. 

Easy to apply Bedtime Schedules

Your child device has its bedtime schedule set once during the onboarding setup and then you don’t have to worry about it again! If you wish to make any tweaks to the start or end of bedtime, you can from parent mode in our mobile app or logging with your email and password via our advanced web dashboard.

Watch our onboarding video that highlights our setup for iOS child devices here

Child Mode iOS

Child device reports in the palm of your hand

Improved reporting for all family devices via our Parent Mode feature. All popular reports available in our parent mode which is currently free.


  • App usage
  • SPIN Safe Browser history
  • Call logs
  • Text Message logs
  • YouTube app history
  • Events


  • Installed apps/newly installed apps (coming soon)
  • SPIN Safe Browser history
  • Events

Mobile Device Reports

Start your free 14-day trial today – Boomerang Parental Control is available in both the App Store or Google Play Store.  

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