Customer Stories: 4 kids, 2 parents and the mobile device wars….

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Customer Stories: 4 kids, 2 parents and the mobile device wars….

Dad: Philip 

As with most parents in today’s world, raising kids is a challenge when faced with cell phones and other mobile devices. Information, good or bad, is so easily accessible as well as time consumed with these digital boxes.

Having three teenage sons and one approaching the mind loosing state of development, my wife and I started looking for something that we could monitor our kid’s digital lifestyle. Not only to be able to make sure they were kept safe, but also to make sure they were not abusing the privilege and to be able to limit the time spent on the devices. Let’s face it, kids today use digital devices for everything, and if you do not know how to, or what they are doing on and with them, then you really don’t know what is going on in their lives.

My wife and I have looked at several different apps and programs that would give us the insight that we wanted and the control that we needed for their digital lifestyle. Boomerang does everything we want and more. Some things that we did not even know about. Being able to track SMS/MMS messages, call logs, applications, social media accounts and many other things, helps us keep track of what is going on with our kids and what we need to block, control and monitor. The ability to set schedules of screen times and to actually turn the devices off when they need some “obedience training” is great.

Our kids did not like the idea at first, but they have found themselves doing other things besides staying in the “digital stronghold” and actually enjoy some other activities better than sitting on a digital device. Playing outdoors can be a wonderful thing, if you just give it a try.

The app is very easy to install and setup is a breeze to get started. You can then set the device up per the user if you have one child that needs one thing while another needs something else or for age appropriate apps or settings. The ability to see the control inner face on my phone and on my computer through the web login is great. The customer support team is great and are very responsive when answering any questions or concerns. So, if you are looking for something to be on top of your child’s digital footprint, this app is a must have.


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