Android and Apple iOS Features

Here’s an overview of what functions work on Android mobile devices and Apple iOS mobile devices like iPods, iPhones and iPads. Our features are continually improving and changing so if you do not see a feature you’d love to have, contact us. We love feedback!

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Block individual apps from our web dashboard, including popular apps like social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and any game on your child’s device!


Review videos your child’s watched on their YouTube app. Block access to the YouTube app’s Settings and enforce Restricted Mode for safer video viewing.


Receive notifications when inappropriate keywords are detected in text messages. Be aware if your child receives a cyberbullying or self-harm message.


Your child’s device is automatically tracked and can be refreshed anytime via our app or web dashboard. Set a “virtual fence” to get notified when your child moves beyond it.


Boomerang’s built-in family messenger provides a safe way to communicate with your family. Works with families with Android and Apple iOS devices!


Use web dashboard to completely customize your child’s device configuration. Tweak screen time schedules, apps and websites to block, review phone and text logs and other settings.


Set daily allocation of time or set a schedule when your child can play games or chat on their favorite social media app. When time’s up, they can no longer use them!


Your child’s dashboard is free from addictive games! Select apps, websites and phone numbers that are always allowed and we even provide some recommendations.


Review call logs, limit calling to only known Contacts, and block certain numbers. You will also receive a daily digest of who’s called who and for how long.


SPIN is recommended during setup, enforces safe Google searches and blocks inappropriate content such as websites with pornographic or inappropriate content for children.


With input from professionals and the community, our app setup approach provides expert recommendations. All you have to do is create an account.


Get your child’s attention when you tap on our Time-Out feature from our parent mode. Perfect for dinner time and beautiful sunny days when your child should be outside.


Apple vs. Innovative Parental Control apps (like us!)

Bad news, thanks to Apple.
Apple no longer allows apps on the App Store that use the Device Management Profile for parental controls so the new version of Boomerang no longer has screen time, app and content controls – core features our users depended on.

This has started to affect not just Boomerang Parental Control but other parental control solutions with whom we’ve personally discussed this development with. The timing is suspect since with Apple’s iOS12 update (September 2018) brings their own approach to Screen Time and app controls. Apple has removed customer choice on their platform, copied the innovators and added features inside iOS12 that only they can access.

iOS still doesn’t provide important features parents need to manage their child devices. We continue to recommend Android devices for the best experience with third party parental control apps like Boomerang.

But I love Boomerang on iOS, what’s going to happen?
The new version of Boomerang for iOS required us to remove the Device Profile step from our Child Mode. We continue to be committed to our Parent Mode for managing Android devices better but our iOS Child Mode is officially limited thanks for these Apple guideline changes. You can add your feedback directly to Apple in this active forum:

What if I want to keep using Boomerang on my child’s iOS device?
We will continue to offer our SPIN Safe Browser and when used with Boomerang, parents will still be able to review their child’s web browsing history. Our popular Family Messenger feature will continue to work across Android and iOS families and location tracking.

For current users, as long as your child doesn’t remove the Device Profile, you will still be able to control it via your device including our scheduled screen time. At this time, we do not plan to shut down the infrastructure that allows the commands to work but will not be able to provide a reinstall option.