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For non-Samsung users, get all of our calls and text message safety features
(Google Play edition doesn’t have these features)

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The most unique flexible screen time features. Period.

Set weekday and weekend schedules limiting access on your child’s phone from your phone (tablets work too!) It’s simple and it matters!

Bedtimes. Reinforced.

Establish healthy sleep habits for your children. Schedule shutdown times to give you peace of mind that your child is getting uninterrupted sleep.

iPhone8-Screen Time Schedules Parent Mode

Time Limits. Any Day and Per App.

Allocate time limits on your Android device so as to teach children how to prioritize ‘free time” on their phones. Apps will shut down under your authority. Phone remains accessible for emergencies.

Pixel2-Allocated Time up Child Mode

Encourage Good Apps. Anytime.

Encouraged Apps feature allows apps to not count down time when they are used by your child. For education, reading, or podcasts, as the parent, you can make these available with no shutoff time.

Android Encourage Apps Child Mode

Time-Outs and Time Extensions.

Our Parent Mode provides an easy Time-Out setting. When needed, parents can pause a child’s device use or even extend access time. It’s FREE!

iPhone - Time Out Parent Mode

10 year olds. With smartphones.

Smartphones have opened up a new world in how our kids communicate – kids do not carry quarters to make calls at the local payphone anymore! Expressing themselves via text, images and video also opens up challenges where cyberbullying and self harm can be amplified. We have the basics covered: text message logging, location tracking and control who can call – parents are always allowed.

❗️Our Call and Text monitoring features are only available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded here

Kids with smartphones

Text Messages. Monitoring the important words

Android only. Get detailed text logs from your child’s Android phone. Get notified when inappropriate words (keyword detection can be customized) or unknown numbers are detected. Optionally, enable the collection of all text message content. Available here.

iPhone8-parent mode badwords text

You choose who calls and can be called.

Android only. Allow calls only from their saved contacts. All other numbers get blocked instantly and sent to voicemail, including those marketing calls. Parents can also review their child’s Android phone logs anytime from their Android or iOS device via our Parent Mode reports.

Android Blocked call

24/7 location tracking.

Your child’s device travels with them. You depend on it for communication. So why not leverage it to get alerts and updates on your child’s whereabouts via their mobile device. Set to report in automatically but you can make it faster or ask for a manual refresh. An active internet connection is required.

Parent Mode child location

Easy to setup. Use your email. Pair your child devices.

Creating a group to pair all family devices is simple. Just use one of your parent emails and that is now your group name. No need to create a new email account for your child in order to monitor their activities. Follow our setup steps and pair all devices with your email and password.

App Discovery, Approval & Control.

Stay in the know and approve or block new apps when they are installed on your child’s Android device. Start conversations about your child’s interest in certain apps and how they heard about them.

App Approval workflow - Vault Apps

New App Approvals. Be informed.

Android only. Boomerang Parental Control blocks new app installs on your child’s device. You get notified of the new app installs and can keep them blocked or approve them from your iPhone or Android parent device.

iPhone - App Approval Parent Mode

Block or Allow any app. On demand too.

With our Android/iOS Parent Mode app, Boomerang Parental Control offers parents a flexible app blocker. Block any apps, set daily time limits or allow educational / health apps to work outside of device screen time limits.

Android - Instagram Blocked Chid Mode

Exclusive monitoring and security.

Boomerang brings unique features that no other parental control apps offer today. We also have a queue of other ideas we are always exploring. Got an idea? Contact us.

Samsung S8 - Knox + Apple Parent Mode YouTube History 2x

YouTube History & Searches. Included.

Review your child’s viewing history and searches made in the Android YouTube app (YouTube Kids not required). Tip: Enable restricted mode and block access to the YouTube app’s Settings. Reports can be viewed on an Android or iOS parent device.

Samsung Knox. Built-in.

Boomerang is the only parental control app to utilize Samsung’s Knox, an enterprise mobile security solution pre-installed in most of Samsung devices. It provides security magic!

Safe Browsing is Included for Free.

Android users: Boomerang Parental Control now filters and reports web history in Chrome. Update today.

Review your child’s browsed websites with SPIN Safe Browser. It filters millions of inappropriate websites with content ranging from pornography and nudity to occult and hate automatically. We even block the grey areas like many social media platforms, blogging sites and unfiltered search engines.

Safe Browsing-Kid in the dark

Safe Searching.

Search results in leading search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo are automatically enforced in the strictest setting available. This means your child will see more more appropriate search result and images vs. using Safari or Chrome.

Android SPIN Google safe search

Surf the web. Safely.

With our free SPIN Safe Browser, kids will be able to browse the vast number of websites with a built-in filter for inappropriate websites. Categories such as Pornographic, Nudity, Hate, Violence and other inappropriately flagged websites are blocked, automatically. Available for free on Android and iOS.

SPIN Safe Browser Blocked website


Pricing is per device, per year and can be renewed annually. You can purchase via our in-app purchase option that’s available for both Android and iOS devices in child or parent mode.

  • Android and iOS child devices
  • Try all premium features
  • Full support
USD/Per Device/Per Year
  • Provides one Child Mode License
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Renewed Annually


Thousands of reviews from our parent users including the 1 star reviews from kids that confirm how well our app works.

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Get all of our calls and text message safety features (Google Play edition doesn’t have these features)

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