Our mission at Boomerang is threefold: First and foremost, we want to keep kids safe online by preventing them from viewing pornography, violence, and hateful rhetoric; secondly, we want to help curb (and ideally prevent) addiction to technology; thirdly, we want to educate parents about the harms facing children on the internet today, and give them tools and strategies to discuss these harms with their children.


Vik Khanna

Father of 3, entrepreneur at heart, passion for all things edtech.

Yuri Chernikov

Father of 3, supreme coder, and doesn't believe in cable.

Justin Payeur

Father of 2, product evangelist, battling the constant love/hate with tech.

We are a team of three dads – 8 kids between the 3 of us ranging from 3 to 15 in age. The original concept of our app came from our CTO who has a son who’s on the autism spectrum. He built the original “timer” function to have the tablet he shared with his son to time itself out for self-regulation. He then put the app up on the Play Store and got downloads which fueled new features and innovation. We all met  for the first time 3 years ago, fell in love with the tech, and with a true passion for this as we were living this.

For press inquiries, please contact Justin Payeur.


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