Exclusive features for child devices only available on the Galaxy Store for Samsung smartphones and tablets. Tap on the Galaxy Store badge.

Boomerang Parental Control on Galaxy Store

Parent devices and non-Samsung child devices can still use our Google Play version.


✅ Call safety features*

✅ Text message safety features*

✅ App Removal Protection (via Samsung Knox)*

✅ Screen Time Schedules

✅ Daily time allowances

✅ Child Device Location tracking

✅ App controls: daily time limits, allow, block, always allow any app

✅ YouTube app history viewing

*Features not available on Google Play version.


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Current version: 14.07-unchained

We recommend installing this version on non-Samsung devices.

Please review our support article for installation instructions – How to get Boomerang’s Call and Text Messaging safety features


Our Full Feature Version is available only via this download page and essential for your child’s Android smartphone. Our Google Play version no longer includes two key permissions, Calls and SMS, required to allow our Call and Text Message monitoring features on Android smartphones. Our Full Feature Version continues to offer the same full features.

Get in touch with our support team who will gladly help you.

Why can't the Call and SMS features be offered via Google Play anymore?

Google’s announcement in late 2018 around protecting user’s data privacy was sent to its app developers stated that “Going forward, Google Play will limit which apps are allowed to ask for these permissions. Only an app that has been selected as a user’s default app for making calls or text messages will be able to access call logs and SMS, respectively.” We worked hard at trying to convince Google that due to the safety nature of our features based on the Call/SMS permissions, an exemption should be granted but months of trying and even leveraging the voice of our many users didn’t make Google budge at all this. This is why we are offering this offline version which continues to offer the same great feature set our users love.

Do I install in my parent device or child device?

We recommend all child smartphones get this version installed. For our parent mode it’s less important as it can still control this version. You can install this version on all family devices.

Do I just install on top of the Google Play version?

Yes! We designed this version to simply upgrade our Google Play version.

After updating from the Google Play version, do I need to do anything else?

We recommend you restart your child’s device after updating from the Google Play version to our sideloaded version. This makes sure our service is refreshed and running smoothly.

What if the Google Play version is installed on top of the sideloaded version?

Version 10.37 (April 2019) no longer allows the Google Play version to update the sideloaded version. This eliminates losing the call/text features due to your child manually updating their apps, including Boomerang Parental Control via Google Play. All future updates will be made available from this web page.

Going forward, how will I be made aware that there is an update?

1. We are now working on a monthly release schedule and we will email you when these are available.
2. In Parent mode, we’ve added the child’s app version in the device title. We will show “Update Available” if it’s older (all updates will be available on this page.)
3. Later, we will look to add our own update service so we can notify within our app and update automatically for any “sideloaded” versions.

Do I need to purchase again?

No. This version sees everything retained as you set it up including your licensing information.

I received a warning “This type of file can harm your device”. Is it safe to tap OK?

Absolutely. This is a normal prompt that Chrome provides when downloading programs outside of Google Play.
Boomerang Download File

What does "gp" and "sideload" mean?

GP is the version from Google Play without Call/SMS permissions and Sideload is the version from our website with Call/SMS permissions. We use these abbreviations in our app version numbers in order to inform parents which version is installed on their kids (and it helps us troubleshoot too!) If you are looking for our call/text features, make sure your child’s device has the “sideload” version.