Things To Do While Grounded From Your Phone


So, your parents took away your phone? It can be a tough time in a teen’s life. How are you going to keep up with your friends without your phone?? Besides that, you are going to be SO BORED, AMIRIGHT? Well, fear not, grounded teenagers. We have the ultimate list of things to do when your parents take away your phone, or maybe just when you run out of time on Boomerang.

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Put together a puzzle
  3. Write a story (something about how horrible life is without a phone would be appropriate)
  4. Complain endlessly about how your friends never get their phones taken away, and how your parents are making you a social pariah
  5. Look up the word pariah in an … UGH …ACTUAL DICTIONARY
  6. Create a phone out of paper and markers
  7. Play a video game (ever heard of Fortnite?)
  8. Learn how to fold origami
  9. Create an obstacle course in your house
  10. Draw a picture
  11. Paint a painting
  12. Improve your photography skills with an actual camera
  13. Bake treats for your friends
  14. Help your parents cook dinner
  15. Offer to babysit your siblings (a little bribery never hurt anyone!)
  16. Play board games
  17. Twiddle your thumbs
  18. Do your homework
  19. Ask your teachers for extra credit assignments because you are SO BORED at home!
  20. Learn to quilt
  21. Learn to sew
  22. Clean the house (remember the thing I said about bribery?)
  23. Binge watch a TV show
  24. Organize your closet
  25. Make lists of the things you will do when you get your phone back
  26. Learn the first 50 digits of pi
  27. Make a pie
  28. Have a lemonade stand
  29. Find service projects you can do, like plant flowers at a city building
  30. Read a book
  31. Write down all of your favorite movie quotes
  32. Watch a pot boil and time it
  33. Learn morse code
  34. See how many of your clothes you can wear all at the same time
  35. Iron all of your clothes
  36. See how many marshmallows you can stuff in your mouth and still say “Fluffy Bunny”
  37. Do some Yoga
  38. See how long you can do a plank
  39. Pick out a card and write a note to your grandparents
  40. Create a vision board for your goals
  41. Color a picture (like from one of those adult coloring books)
  42. Just dance around your room
  43. Plan a staycation for your family
  44. Do the trading game, start with a small thing from your house, and go around your neighborhood trying to trade what you have for something better. Continue trading until you have something awesome.
  45. Start putting together next year’s Halloween costume
  46. Learn how to make candy
  47. Rearrange the furniture in your room
  48. Paint your room a different color
  49. Go for a run
  50. Ask your neighbors if you can walk their dogs (might even make a few bucks!)
  51. Take a nap and contemplate a world without technology

Honestly, the truth is you will survive this time of your life, and maybe someday you might even be grateful your parents cared enough about you to make sure you were staying safe online and learning how to become a successful adult.


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