Set up Parental Controls on your child’s Google Play account

Limiting apps, games and other content by age is possible with the Google Play app that’s on your child’s device. Though we currently cannot control these settings with Boomerang, we are providing you a quick guide here in setting up some content restrictions on your child’s device.

Enable Parental Controls in Google Play
  1. Open the Play Store app on your child’s Android device Play Store.
  2. Tap on the top left Menu menu icon > Settings > Parental controls.
  3. Toggle Parental controls On.
  4. You will prompted to create a PIN which protects the settings you are about to set.
    • Enter a PIN your kids are not going to guess!
  5. Select your filters:
    • Apps, Games, Movies, and TV: Select the highest maturity level of content you want your child to be allowed to download or purchase. Do note that your child will still be able to see content above their restriction but will not be able to download it.
    • Music and Books: Select whether you want to restrict downloads or purchases of explicit content.

Parental controls only apply to the device you added them on.

To add parental controls on another device, repeat these steps on your other device.

If you have multiple users on a device, you can set up different parental controls for each one.


Set up parental controls on Google Play:


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