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Boomerang User Stories - Sarah

Mom: Sarah

In this day and age of technology, kids are all too easily exposed to devices and easily become addicted. I felt this could be detrimental to my children and all the write ups suggest this too. So it was with this in mind I felt I needed to control the devices that my children use.

I scoured the internet for reviews and information on Parental control apps and Boomerang came up very highly rated. They have a 14 day trial period so win win. On trying the app it completely lived up to my expectations. With complete control over the device. Time limits, out of hours, internal messaging service. You can even time them out when they are being naughty or wont hand it over, which happens all too much.

I feel educational apps are important though and you can allow these all the time, I have told the kids that they can get more minutes on a weekend if they play some of the educational apps and you can review the time spent on the individual apps as well and then allow extra time. There is so much more that this app gives you though.

Overall verdict is I am extremely pleased with it this app and highly recommend it and if I have ever had any queries they are answered extremely quickly another plus.

Big thanks to Sarah for sharing her family story! We love receiving unsolicited stories such as the one above on the impact Boomerang has had in helping parents manage their family’s technology. We will continue to share these stories with the world and hopefully other parents can see the real world benefits of using a parental control app to keep an eye on things (we share these stories on our blog with permission). 

-Justin, cofounder and product evangelist


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