Screen Time Infographic via

Screen Time Infographic via

Digital Wellness or Digital Health is now a trending term from both Apple and Google when it comes to keeping the balance with our mobile glowing screens of constant distractions. Terms like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) are used with our attachment to our devices; the apps are designed like this on purpose (article on

In regards to our kids, starting out and growing up with technology without any real boundaries or some limits on when their mobile devices can be used has to be part of the dialogue in your family. Here are some stats that may help you understand what the average families are like and what are the typical recommendations by experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Paediatric Society who both recommend less that 2 hours of screen for young children.

I’m always a big fan of visuals like infographics that allow you to easily digest vast amounts of data in easy to view images. After Jenny, Editor at MomLovesBest shared their latest resource on Screen Time, I felt it aligned well with our missions to bring balance in everyone’s homes in regards to all of the technology we use (it’s not all bad!). We’ve shared several articles on past blog posts regarding Screen Time tips, stats and trends. Here are a few examples.  

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Learn more about how screen time affects your children at Mom Loves Best

Source -thanks to Jenny Silverstone, Writer at Study clerk and Editor for for sharing this great resource.


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