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fortnite parents review

Unless your teenagers have been living under a rock, they might be playing, or want to play a game called Fortnite. Previously this game has only been available to play on a PC or Gaming console, but it was recently released for iOS, with plans to release for Android this summer. The game is extremely popular with kids due in large part to its ability to allow people across various platforms to play together. Also, the game is free to play!

What is Fortnite like to play?

The game starts out with a 100 different users all being dropped onto an island. From here it is a little like the Hunger Games, where the last person standing wins. Fortnite sounds a little bit violent, but when you get into the game it is not gory or overly violent. You can also team up with friends and try to conquer the world together, or go it alone and try to survive.

The characters are very cartoonlike, and it has very cartoonlike violence. You remember how mean Tom and Jerry were to each other?  It’s just like that. You can be killed through a number of different ways, including from other players and things outside your control.

What should parents watch out for?

Real world money

Although the game is free to play, there are in-app purchases that can be made. You can use real-world money to purchase skins, which are essentially new outfits and accessories for your character. One thing to be careful with here is giving your child access to purchase products without consulting you. As a parent, I would not allow in-app purchases, or I would not store a credit card on file for the game to make sure you don’t get surprised with unwanted charges.

Open Chat

The game also features an open chat system that does not have any content filters and is open for all players. This could be an opportunity for your children to chat with unwanted people. Make sure your kids understand to never give out personal information via an online chat. Whether it is within Fortnite or any other game or app.

Recommended Age

Fortnite is currently rated T for Teen. This means that if your child is under the age of 13, it is not recommended they play the game. Children under 13 might not be prepared for the things they read or hear within the chat or the violence (albeit in cartoon form) within Fortnite.

Time Spent

The kids that are playing Fortnite are playing it a lot. It can be easy for children to get sucked into playing it for hours at a time. Placing parental restrictions on the app that limit its use to a specific amount of time a day would be a very good idea. The parents who are limiting its use are finding that their children are willing to do a lot more chores in order to earn more playing time! Using this bargaining chip can help you keep your entire house clean for ages.

Final Thoughts

Fortnite is a great game for kids to play who are 13 years old and over as long as their time is limited each day.


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