#1 Solution for Android and why Android is Better

Android is better for parental controls

Even with all of the recent updates by Apple and Google provide some built-in features in their latest updates, they do not go as far as required for today’s parental control needs.

When it comes to purchasing a new (or first) smartphone for your child, we highly recommend choosing an Android-base device. Some myths of the same apps do not exist is no longer an issue. Quality and overall aesthetics of Android-based phones now lead above Apple’s iPhone – so Android is no longer a second rate platform.

7 reasons to recommend an Android smartphone for your child
  1. App controls: encourage good apps, limit social media or games by any app installed on the child’s Android device – remotely from our Parent Mode (which supports Android and iPhones).
  2. Texting safety: Get notified when bad words are detected in text messages: cannot do this with iMessage.
  3. Safe calling: Monitor call logs via our Parent Mode reporting and block calls from unknown numbers automatically.
  4. YouTube app monitoring: Boomerang is the ONLY parental control app allowing parents to review watched and search history in their child’s YouTube watching.
  5. Device Security: It is very difficult to remove our app. Kids are bypassing iOS Screen Time by change the time/date and deleting then reinstalling the same app (cloud icon in App Store).
  6. Safe Browsing: included and more flexible than what’s available with Apple’s Safari browser. Parents can also review web history via our powerful Parent Mode device reports.
  7. Kids break phones: My daughter is on her third inexpensive Android smartphone (not an expensive iPhone)!
  8. BONUS REASON: Read why we recommend Samsung devices.

Let us know if we’ve missed any – some of our users have some amazingly creative scenarios for Boomerang.


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