Boomerang Parental Control is now available!

Boomerang Google Play Store
Boomerang Parental Control available on Google Play

Boomerang Parental Control is available for Android devices. You may try it for free for 14 days now by clicking on the Google Play Store badge below.

Boomerang Google Play badge

Follow the in-app steps to setup your family group and you’ll be in control of your child’s device while still empowering your child to use their device in no time!

Boomerang was created with the goal of protecting children as they navigate through the world of technology – taking advantage of its vast resources, while limiting time wastage and eliminating explicit and dangerous content.

SPIN Safe Browser – Free Forever!

Boomerang will prompt you to install our safe browser, SPIN.

Get SPIN from Google Play today!

When SPIN is used with Boomerang, your child will have a fully featured safe web browser with built-in web content filtering and Google SafeSearch for results and images! Parents will also be able to edit the content categories, block or allow specific websites and review history to make sure their child is performing healthy browsing behaviors.

For iOS users

We are currently open for BETA which means if you get in touch we’ll send you instructions on how your can test it! Please note the feature set is quite different than our Android offering – this is by design and by the limitations set in what Apple allows in iOS.

Your experience means a lot to us, we’d love to hear from you! Email us –



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