Social Media use by children continues to grow (Infographic)

Rawhide Cyberbullying Infographic

Our children live in a very social world – it’s no longer just face to face communication but a text, a photo, a video, a location share, etc. are all ways that our children are communicating thus growing up in a different world than we did.

As much as these communication approaches do empower children to express themselves, it does add a risk of some of the negatives subjects that do make the news on an almost daily basis. Subjects such as cyberbullying, self-harm, pornography, gambling and others are all forms of abuse and addiction that can no longer be ignored by parents. Especially when you take the fact that 72 percent of teens have shared they were cyberbullied in the past year.

The following infographic was prepared by Rawhide, a Wisconsin-based organization that offers programs for at risk youth.



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