SPIN – Safe Browsing for all Children

Children are exposed to so many things when they open a web browser nowadays. Most of their browsing is also done on a mobile device. A simple Google search for keywords that could be educational related can lead to many surprises when you tap on the Images links in the search results or related results. This is why we have launched SPIN, our safe browser designed with children in mind. SPIN has built-in search results filtering via Google’s SafeSearch – we fully enforce it! We also block bad websites based on over 20 categories that contain millions of sites flagged for inappropriate content across various categories such as, porn, drugs, violence and more.

Try SPIN today

SPIN is available now via the App Store and Google Play.

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  • Nothing to configure, just download and SPIN is ready.
  • No Incognito (Private Browsing) mode
  • Filters inappropriate content from popular categories (see below for the list)
  • Blocks popular video platform sites by default (like YouTube)
  • Enforced safe searching with Google SafeSearch. (Googled results and images are filtered using Google’s databases for inappropriate content)
  • We have built SPIN on proven technology, Mozilla’s browser technology which powers Firefox.
Millions of websites filtered and blocked:

✓ Pornography: Adult Content that is NSFW and definitely not good for kids
✓ Prone to Porn: Websites that are normally good but our users wanted blocked and we agree
✓ Gambling ✓ Drugs ✓ Hacking ✓ Weapons ✓ Hate & Racism ✓ Violence ✓ Keyloggers
✓ Web Ads ✓ Plagiarism ✓ Malware Sites ✓ Phishing ✓ Anonymizers ✓ Spyware and Adware
✓ Nudity ✓ Illegal ✓ Bot Nets ✓ Spam URLs ✓ Alcohol & Tobacco

Want more?

Customize the built-in categories and track web history including receiving daily email reports by using SPIN with our parental control app, Boomerang. Boomerang is available for both Android and coming to iOS devices really soon!


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