6 Trick or Treat Tips for this year’s Halloween

6 tips for Halloween 2016

Halloween is an exciting time for our kids! They get to pretend to be a superhero or princess or witch or ghost, and go around collecting their favorite thing – candy! But what’s the best way to keep them safe on Halloween? Especially when you allow your kids to go with a group of friends without mom and dad hovering over them.

Here are 6 tips to keep peace of mind this Halloween!

  1. Brighten up! Visibility is important because the days are shorter and the sun goes down earlier in the Fall. Costumes are not always created with reflectors in mind or visibility in the dark. Make sure your child has a small LED flashlight with them or even a cycling strobing light also provides awareness of someone’s on the crosswalk for oncoming vehicles and usually easily clips on to clothing or their candy bag.
  2. Location, Location, Location! Know where your kids are going – plan the route and talk about where they want to go and timing of when they should check-in or be back home.
  3. Don’t trip! Long costumes pose a risk of tripping while kids walk around your neighborhood streets. Shorter costumes that don’t drag on the ground will minimize the risk of tripping while crossing a busy streets.
  4. Look up! Most masks should be avoided too as they can impair visibility or breathability for your child. It’s one thing to wear a mask at school while sitting at your desk but while moving around the neighborhood, they surely will regret wearing a mask. Use make up if they must have a face on!
  5. Check the candy – yes every year there seems to be at least one odd incident where something isn’t right in someone’s candy bag. It doesn’t take long to check and make sure your child has candy they can have and are not allergic to!
  6. Lastly, consider an app like, Boomerang Parental Control that offers location tracking for your child’s mobile device! Now you can stay home and hand out candy while your child and their friends go door to door.

Happy Halloween from The Boomerang Team!

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