Major version of Boomerang Parental Control now available!

Boomerang v4.55 availability

Here are highlights of our newest version of Boomerang

Onboarding Wizard improvements
  • No limits on the Start and End Times for Scheduled Screen Time. You can also customize your child’s screen time schedule after onboarding by logging in to our web dashboard.
  • Redesigned Always Allowed: select or search for apps already installed on your child’s device with our new select screen. You can do the same for contacts already on the device if it’s a smartphone plus add any websites that you feel are good for your child to access anytime. Your selections here will function even when screen time is up!
App blocking and Screen Time accuracy improvements
  • Accessibility Permissions on Android 5.x and higher: you will be prompted to accept these when you update from v4.04 to our latest version. 
    • Improved Application blocking performance
    • Increased accuracy in screen time measurement
    • Improved battery usage
Other improvements
  • Non-Samsung device security improvements:
    • Prevent date/time changes
    • Cannot disable our app with Android 5.x’s Active Apps system manager
    • Optional: “Require password for uninstallation”
  • We protect the Accessibility permission from being toggled off 
  • Improved Call Blocking: Unknown numbers do not stand a chance as we now block calls lightning fast.
  • Better info to Child (and parent): We now present the name of the app when it’s blocked
YouTube App viewing history – prototype feature!
  • Looking for feedback on this feature – History is currently being listed in the web dashboard under the Browsing tap and site. We plan to make this it’s own tab.

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