Introducing Block Newly Installed Apps (and more!)


We are introducing the world’s first true proactive app blocking feature in Boomerang Parental Control. By blocking newly installed apps proactively and notifying parents to unblock them, we are encouraging a conversation led by parents with their children on the “whys” for using the app. So no more social media app surprises or games that are not appropriate for your child’s age. We now inform you!

Blocking newly installed apps leverages the power of our Family Messenger feature. Parents using Android and/iOS* devices in parent mode will receive notifications when their child installs a new app on their Android device.

*We are about a week away to have our iOS version approved by Apple – email us if you want to know right away.

Watch our YouTube video overview by tapping on the image below: New App Approvals feature (YouTube)

What’s New – The actual features

  1. New App Approvals – we block all newly installed apps by default for new users – from the Play Store and sideloaded apps. Parents receive an instant notification for newly installed apps, can learn more about them and if appropriate, unblock them via our Family Messenger.
    • Benefit: Minimize the potential of kids installing and joining social media platforms or inappropriate games before parents are aware and educated. We provide a link to the Play Store app listing for all notifications so parents can learn about the app and make sure it is appropriate for their kid’s use.
    • For our users upgrading to this new version, this feature is not enabled by default on your Android child’s device. Watch this very brief video on how to enable it from Parent Mode:
  2. Kids receive a notification before their allocated or scheduled time is up
    • Benefit: Kids are more in the know: we provide a heads up before time’s up for kids who are about to run out of time. Kids leave us a ton of 1 star reviews (example #1example #2example #3).
  3. Kids now have a local widget that informs them of them daily allocated time left.
  4. A ton of additional polish to our app and of course bug fixes you may not have noticed but we did! 😉

Available now

Our latest versions are available now via Google Play and App Store.

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