Customer Stories: Monitoring without overshadowing

Boomerang User Stories - Val
Customer Stories: Monitoring without overshadowing

Dad: Val

The one single thing that makes Boomerang a must have for me is that I can monitor and limit my child’s activity without needing to look over his shoulder or manually examine his phone’s history, which is limited and can be incomplete.
It allows me to have an informed and balanced conversations with him about his activity, if required, and gives him a the feeling of independence that teens crave. There are now no arguments when it comes to ending screen time because it just happens without my needing to be ‘the bad guy’ coming to spoil the fun.

Big thanks to Val for sharing his family story! We love receiving unsolicited stories such as the one above on the impact Boomerang has had in helping parents manage their family’s technology. We will continue to share these stories with the world and hopefully other parents can see the real world benefits of using a parental control app to keep an eye on things (we share these stories on our blog with permission). 

-Justin, cofounder and product evangelist


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