Apps To Help Your Kids Get Organized For Back To School

back to school

Believe it or not, school is going to be starting up again soon! The stores are already stocked with back to school gear, and fall schedules are getting all set. Some parents are sad that summer is coming to an end, with its easy-going days and relaxed schedules. Other parents cannot wait to get the kids back in school. I won’t tell you which group I’m a member of.

There are quite a few apps kids can use to make the busy school schedule a little less stressful. Most will even help them stay on top of their schoolwork to help them become successful students.

Google Calendar

I would be lost without my Google Calendar. Each member of my family has their own Google account. We had each kid share their calendar with both parents, and the parents also share their calendars with each other. When I look at my Google calendar, all of the appointments are color coded to show to whom each appointment belongs. If I make an appointment for my daughter, I will put it on her Google Calendar. This really helps keep the family exactly on the same page and allows for better coordination.

Homework Planner

For children in Elementary School, this isn’t as important, but once kids hit Jr. High and High School, keeping track of which assignments are going to be due in which class becomes extremely important. The best homework app currently is called myHomework Student Planner. It can track assignments and due dates, your class schedule, and location (so you never have to guess which room you are supposed to be in). If your teachers are using you can even download class notes and other info automatically.


Another thing that kids need to keep track of these days is whether or not they have completed their chores in the home. Most older kids feel silly using cutesy chore charts, and there are some great apps to help them keep updated on what chores they still need to do. Some of the chore apps will even allow you to pay your children directly from the app! My favorite chore apps are Rooster Money and BusyKid.

Habit Tracker

Aside from actual chores, you might want to help instill some healthy habits in your kids. Using a habit tracker like Habit Bull or Habitica can help kids get all of the necessary habits checked off each day. If your child has a hard time remembering certain hygiene tasks like brushing their teeth or putting on deodorant, this is a perfect place to help them keep track.


Taking notes and classes basically go hand in hand. The problem with paper notes is that they are easily lost. On the other hand, digital notes will last forever, or until you delete them. Microsoft OneNote and Evernote mostly dominate this space, but there are some other super basic notetaking apps that work as well. Using a device with a stylus can even allow you to take notes with a pen and have it captured digitally in your online notebook.

With these apps installed, your kids should be all ready to face the new school year!



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