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As Mr. Incredible said, “Why would they change Math?? Math is Math!”


The reality is even if we did know the things our children are being taught in school at some point, sometimes it’s been so long since we used those skills it can be hard to help them out with their homework. Luckily for us, technology is around to help us help our children with homework problems.


There are apps, websites, and videos that can help kids with every subject in school.

Photomath – This app allows you to use your phone to scan a math problem, and then will help you solve it. The app will give you the step-by-step instructions it used to solve the problem so you can learn exactly how it came to the solution. The only problem with this is that your kids may learn to rely on it too much. It’s best to use it to check their answers, or to help you remember how to do the problem so you can then walk your child through the solution.

IXL – Another math app/website that can really help your students practice math concepts is IXL. The app is broken up into different grade levels and then subjects within that grade level. As you move through a section each right answer will give you a score and each wrong answer will take away your score. Once you reach 100 you have completed the section.

Khan Academy & Khan Academy Jr – Both of these apps offer a TON of videos and tutorials on a wide range of subjects. The Jr. app has a fun interface with various activities that can help your children learn reading, math, problem-solving and so much more like memory games and writing skills. The main Khan Academy app not only has a ton of videos but also includes interactive quizzes and tons of courses to help you freshen up your skills to help your kids with their homework.

RazKids – Specific to reading, this app/website can not only help kids learn to read, practice reading, and test for comprehension. Books are broken up by skill level, and kids will be asked about what happened in the book at the end of the story. It’s a great site to help advance reading skills.

Brainly – Much like Photomath, Brainly will help solve math problems, but can also help with many more subjects like physics, history, English, and more. Again, since this app will give you the right answer, be sure to use it sparingly and try your hand at the answer a couple times first.

Wyzant – If you are really stuck, you can get find tutors for many subjects through the Wyzant app. You can see how much each session would be, and find one that fits your needed skills and budget. You connect to the tutor through the app, and receive the help that you need.

Luckily, we no longer need to be the expert on all subjects. Using a little help from some of these apps can ensure that our kids have the best tools to help them get their homework done.


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