Choosing Between iOS and Android: 7 Reasons to Consider

Choosing Between iOS and Android: 7 Reasons to Consider

If you’re in the midst of deciding on your child’s first mobile device or considering a replacement, Android is the preferred choice when it comes to providing a more flexible parental control experience. Here are seven compelling reasons why opting for an Android device can be an effective solution to manage your child’s screen time and app usage (by the way, parents need not switch from their iOS device to Android. Our parent mode provides an identical feature set for both platforms, and our web dashboard remains accessible across all devices): 

1. Enhanced App Management: Take control over the apps installed on your child’s device. You can block specific apps or allow certain apps to bypass screen time limits – particularly educational ones. We’ve categorized apps into groups, such as web browsers, to ensure your child uses the SPIN Safe Browser while others remain blocked.

2. Foster Healthy Screen Time Habits: Initiate conversations about healthy technology habits by reviewing the time your child spends on various apps. You can set time limits for apps like Instagram and implement daily allowances. Importantly, time spent on educational apps won’t count towards these limits. Establishing bedtime usage rules is equally achievable through our built-in schedules.

3. Text and Call Monitoring: A sought-after feature, our system notifies you when inappropriate language appears in your child’s texts. We also flag unknown numbers communicating with your child. Manage call permissions by allowing only contacts to reach your child. You can retrospectively review 30 days of text and call activity via Parent Mode reports. Check out our special version for Android devices here.

4. Security and Control: Unlike Apple devices, Android devices prevent users from uninstalling our app without the family group password. This extra layer of security ensures your child can’t easily remove the app, minimizing frustration. Requires our special version you can get here. 

5. YouTube App Oversight: We proudly pioneered video and search monitoring within the YouTube App. Review these activities through Parent Mode reports and block access to YouTube app settings. This feature is particularly valuable for ensuring safer video content and deterring binge-watching.

6. Enforced Safe Browsing: By utilizing our robust app blocking technology, we effectively disable all web browsers on Android devices, preventing children from circumventing the SPIN Safe Browser. This safeguard is automatically activated in child mode setup, providing secure searches and website blocking.

7. Cost-Effectiveness: Given the likelihood of children damaging their devices, especially their first ones, spending excessively on a mobile device might not be prudent. Android devices offer affordability without compromising on essential features for photography and app functionality.

In conclusion, choosing an Android device for your child yields several benefits. Not only does it facilitate superior parental control, but it also empowers you to guide your child toward responsible digital usage.


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