About Apple’s Nutrition Labels (Data Privacy Day 2021)

Apple's Nutrition Labels Privacy

Apple’s recent announcement of requiring app developers to add more information about data collected is now live. We updated our app to meet these changes and wanted to share exactly what we are collecting from our users. We fully support transparency on privacy and our team has always taken our users’ privacy and security seriously. We built our services to collect the minimum information required to provide a great experience. Our service does not sell your data to third parties and your data is only retained for as long as is needed or when you delete your Boomerang Parental Control group.

So, we wanted to provide additional context on our answers and how Boomerang Parental Control uses these pieces of information to provide its service.

Boomerang Parental Control iOS nutrition cards

Data Linked to You

Contact Info

Email Address: Our service requires an email when creating your family group. Your email becomes your login. Your email will also be used when contacting us via our Support form in our app. When you delete your group, your email and all device information are deleted from our service.

Data Not Linked to You


Location Services permission is prompted only when installing Boomerang Parental Control in Child Mode. We use the Precise Location option in order to provide Parents with the most accurate location information of their child’s iOS device. Our Parent Mode does not require the Location Services permission as we do not share the parent device location with our service.

User Content

Photos or Videos: Boomerang Parental Control requires permission to access your Photos when adding a photo avatar to our Family Messenger feature.

Customer Support: When you use our in-app Support form, we also collect device logs about our service which are sent to our support team. These logs are used to help troubleshoot or review the health of our service on a user’s device.

Browsing History

With our SPIN Safe Browser installed, our service collects your child’s web browsing history. This includes good and blocked websites based on the categories and preferences the parent has set. The data is then only available to Parent devices via our built-in activity reports.


Crash Data: Similar to our Customer Support content, we will automatically send a log file of our app if it crashes. We will occasionally use this information when troubleshooting an issue that is difficult to replicate.


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For a detailed list of items developers can choose from, review the list via Apple’s website: App privacy details on the App Store


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