About Daily Emailed Reports (Android)

Safety online has never been more important. We can send you a daily email report with your kid’s phone usage! Here’s a quick overview on the daily report content we send about your child’s device activity. I’ll cover the sections that are emailed and what we are covering with some example screenshots of each section.

We are planning on adding similar daily reporting for Apple iOS – coming soon!

Important Alerts

The section will provide a quick overview of activities Boomerang flagged as inappropriate or of importance. Examples are:

  • Calling/Texting unknown phone numbers, events that Boomerang flagged
  • Inappropriate language detected both incoming/outgoing text messages
  • Blocked incoming/outgoing calls
  • Geofence alerts including a link to the location at the time of the even via Google Maps
  • Security related: when the family group password was entered (typically when someone is looking to disable protection) or our protection has been tampered with
Total Screen Time

Shows the total of time for all apps in the report under Apps Used and Social Media Apps Used. This provides parents with an idea of how much total time their child was on their device for the last 24 hours. Learn more about our Screen Time features here.

Apps Used

This list provides a list of all apps broken down by their total time spent on them for the past 24 hours, except Social Media Apps (more on that below). Apps shown here include Always Allowed apps (those that won’t count towards Allocated Screen Time) and any other apps that your child will use during their Allocated and Scheduled Screen Time. Learn how to limit games or bad apps here and exclude good apps from Screen Time limits here.

Social Media Apps Used

We filtered our Social Media apps to highlight them separately in how much time your child spends on these apps. Our future goal is to include information about each app so parents can learn about these social media apps that our kids are using, are asking to use or will use real soon!

SPIN Safe Browser

We provide a list of blocked web sites and their category.

New Apps Installed

We will list any new apps installed for the past 24 hours. Each app will have a hyperlink that takes you to its Play Store description so if you’re not sure about the app icon, you can check up on what’s it’s all about.

Apps Uninstalled

Apps that are removed will also be listed in this list.

Phone Calls

This section of our reporting will only show if the device is a smartphone. Here we will list the time, contact, incoming or outgoing and the duration of any calls made on your child’s smartphone.

Text Messages

Similar to our Phone Calls logs, we will list the Time, Contact and Type of text message that was received or sent. The type of text messages can be an incoming, outgoing or flagged for innapropriate keywords.

To review these histories anytime and edit all of Boomerang’s features, please visit our web dashboard and login with your group email and password.

Are you a user?

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Product evangelist for Boomerang, battling the constant love/hate with tech. I do my best to keep the balance in teaching our kids good tech behaviours. Boomerang is all about applying this and more.

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